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Sxe 11.2 FİX 5 WALL hack indir, Sxe 11.2 FİX 6 AiM BOT, Sxe 11.3, Sxe 11.3 FİX 1

    F1 Challenge 2009 DELUX-903 mb-


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    Cinsiyet : Erkek
    Paylaşım Puanı : 214751187
    Nerden : Ankara
    Mesaj Sayısı : 3323

    F1 Challenge 2009 DELUX-903 mb-

    Mesaj tarafından Ne[x]oN Bir Salı Tem. 27, 2010 8:40 pm

    Code: Description by Daniel Lopes:
    "How it is with immense pleasure and satisfaction that another year has come to offer my community, with the experience of last year tried to do an honest work and more structured, but may be susceptible to failure, then I apologize now if any. tried to make a mod a little lighter than last year, bringing some of the features described below:

    -Cars F1 RL modified By Daniel
    Lopes (I mean that the cars were modified and refined the cars trying
    to faithfully follow real failures that occurred in the rfactor mod
    - Textures used in F1 RL repeated but totally for me
    - Cars are using lights texuras jpeg.bmp
    - Resolution of 1024 × 1024 textures in
    - Designer loodings screens for submission, all videos reworked by me.
    - Selected circuits in accordance with the fidelity of the real
    - Some parts of the mod as some fly (BMW, Brawn, Willliams, ferrari) made by the partner Wesley.

    - Kers system that put the mod is close to most of the real, contrary
    to the principles that are doing around the kers not increase the speed
    of the car, but the horses making the car reaches the final speed
    faster while gaining time and then because the car is 325 km but is not
    it reaches that speed, but faster winning time well.
    - All and
    any updates will be made and posted this topic, recalling queas
    textures of the boxes are updated until the gp of china, then I will
    update the rest and then posting the files.
    - Some cars will not be definitive because I worked on improving the aerodynamics, because as you know I’m perfectionist.
    - Do not delete the User only change his name and change the appropriate information in the file. PLR not to miss the KERS.
    - First made an official video of formula 1 of the GP of Brazil 2008.
    I thank all who give strength to the Delux will still among the best. "

    ************************************************** *******************
    Attention :

    Before running the game, click the application icon with the right
    mouse button and go to Properties> Compatibility, and check the
    option Compatibility with Windows 95, otherwise the game close …

    Processor: Pentium II 450MHz
    Video: 16mb
    HDD: 2GB free
    Memory: 256mb

    Great game F1 Challenge 2009 DELUX

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