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    Virtual Pool 3 ( PC/ENG )


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    Virtual Pool 3 ( PC/ENG )

    Mesaj tarafından Ne[x]oN Bir Cuma Nis. 02, 2010 9:42 pm

    Virtual Pool 3 ( PC/ENG )
    PC Games | English | Celeris | 2000 | 323 MB
    Genre: Billiards

    Virtual Pool 3 has a stunning list of features, especially for a
    billiards game. There are 18 different games available, including three,
    six, eight, nine, ten, and fifteen ball, snooker, billiards, cowboy,
    and bowlliards; about the only type of game neglected is bumper pool.
    All have their own different rules and
    stipulations, and add a great amount of variety to the game. There is
    also a multitude of computer opponents on all skill levels, so finding a
    qualified adversary is easy. Quick play is the easiest and most direct
    way to play. Career mode is interesting, as you move up the ladder,
    hoping one day to reach the pinnacle of the sport. The only downside to
    the career mode is that you can only engage in one kind of match with
    each career: you can’t play a game of nine ball, then switch to cushion
    billiards. There is Internet play through GameSpy Arcade, elimination
    tournaments, and the ability to try trick shots of your making. You can
    also customize the table properties, and even turn tracking on, much
    like in that episode in Quantum Leap to see where the balls will end up.
    On top of all this, the tutorial videos, hosted by the matriarch of the
    game Jeanette Lee, show you everything you need to know about play
    competitively, and even let you attempt the same shot Jeanette just hit.
    If it’s in pool, it’s inVirtual Pool 3.

    Sound FX:
    The smashing of pool balls together is superbly illustrated here.
    However, the ambient noise is especially engaging. Depending on the
    level that you chose, different sounds are appropriately echoed through
    your speakers. A couple of times, I turned my head to see the cat behind
    me, only to discover it was the game. The environmental noise strikes
    the perfect balance between not enough clamor and overdoing it. You
    won’t grow tired of this racket, and, most importantly, won’t even
    notice it, since it is so natural. The sound is well done.

    The staple of any pool game’s gameplay is the physics model, and Virtual
    Pool 3 simulates real earth forces superbly. All the types of shots
    that you can attempt in a pool hall, you can emulate here. The control
    over the ball is unparalleled. Each shot consists of movement (if
    applicable), aiming, and shooting. You can, of course, do a whole lot
    more than this between shots. You can modify your stroke by raising the
    butt of the cue, applying English to spin the ball to your liking. You
    can even fine-tune your shots, to create that perfect game winner. The
    limits of real geometry are in place, however. If you are too close to a
    rail or another ball, you must alter your shot to accommodate the
    distorted angles that your pool cue must make. If you strike the cue
    ball just wrong, it may fly off the table. It would have been nice if
    objects around the room could be damaged from errant balls, but c’est la
    vie. Real pool players can apply their skills very easily toVirtual
    Pool 3, and you can even improve your own play, thanks to the fact that
    the physics model is so accurate and seamless.

    The graphics are pretty good as well. They accurately display a pool
    setting, and the depictions of the table, pool balls, and billiard
    sticks (or cue, if you want) are very realistic. Everything is rendered
    in 3D, and you can rotate your view to any perspective you can imagine.
    Each different location has a unique background, but this never comes
    into play, and it is a static, albeit nice, backdrop. There are a couple
    of times I thought that I was playing pool, rather than a pool computer
    game. The graphics enhance the overall great gaming experience.


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